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Master Your Goals

Last Goal includes 8 curated video sessions packed with new procedures in goal setting pertaining to the world TODAY, not 50 years ago. How to create a routine in perfect alignment with your goals, guaranteeing you actually achieve them. Step-by-step instructions on how to envision, set and create habits that ensure you will reach your goal.


Master Your Learning

Learn the powerful, yet simple, strategy High-Performers use daily to get the results they want. Shortcut your way to success by tapping into the mind of a Green Beret Veteran. Understand the 4 steps in order to achieve the mastery of skills you are looking for. Discover the process of intuitive mastery to accomplish anything you want.


Master Your Life

If you have ever been confused in what the next step for you is, this is your course. Like most purposeful people, begin with the end in mind. Learn the fundamental steps to ensure a fulfilling and purposeful life. Live life with intention and authenticity. Understand how to combine the strategic mindset, with the action taker.


Lane Belone

What would you call a guy that climbs mountains like Kilimanjaro, road trips across the entire United States and moves to Central America because he wants to? All that within the first year after getting out of the military. What about dedicating most of his adult life to being an elite Green Beret, traveling to dozens of countries on 6 continents and explored the Arctic on a snow machine, all while teaching high-performance learning methods to thousands? Meet Lane.

Increase Freedom Mission

The mission of Increase Freedom is to solve fundamental human challenges and facilitate change. Through Retreats and online learning, which include coaching and consulting, we use an empathetic approach to dig deep in order to uncover and solve transformational issues. This process creates a new space within and give clients room to reveal the best versions of themselves. Our expertise and proven results make us the authority in transformational journeys.

Greatness Is Within You

Increase Freedom helps you achieve the greatness already within. Take action now to get started.


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